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Nordic Superfood by MYRBERG offers the purest natural collagen and superfoods.

Deeply-rooted in Nordic traditions and made with ingredients grown in untarnished natural environments, by MYRBERG’s nordic collagen and superfood supplements are completely free from sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavouring and additives. Nordic collagen and fruit and berry powders are health and beauty supplements that are naturally created with the sustainable management of the environment. The unique Nordic climate naturally yields fruits that are richer in healthy nutrients as compared to crops grown in milder climates as they adapt to thrive in the cold temperatures and harsh natural environment of the Nordic wild.


Maximum nutrients. Ethically-sourced.

Here they are – the world’s most nutrient-rich superfoods produced by the top growers in some of the cleanest environments on the planet. For over 20 years, Green Nutritionals have dedicated themselves to producing the purest, most potent superfoods. Sourced ethically, Green Nutritionals seal in the goodness of their superfoods with the best LOCTEC™ Nutrient Protection Technology, ensuring that the Green Nutritionals superfood you consume is as fresh as the day it was packed.


optimal benefits.

Grown in the Ise City of the Mie Prefecture in Honshu, Japan, WHC Matcha is grown organically following time-honoured traditions. Tea leaves are shade-grown, laboriously hand-picked, lightly steamed, dried and then stone-ground. Through this careful process, oxidation is minimised and the nutrient content of the tea leaves retained.