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Nordic Superfood by MYRBERG offers the purest natural collagen and superfoods.

Deeply-rooted in Nordic traditions and made with ingredients grown in untarnished natural environments, by MYRBERG’s nordic collagen and superfood supplements are completely free from sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavouring and additives. Nordic collagen and fruit and berry powders are health and beauty supplements that are naturally created with the sustainable management of the environment. The unique Nordic climate naturally yields fruits that are richer in healthy nutrients as compared to crops grown in milder climates as they adapt to thrive in the cold temperatures and harsh natural environment of the Nordic wild.

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bringing you the freshest, highest-quality
nutrient-rich superfoods from some of the cleanest environments on the planet

Sourced from the desert, ocean and plants, VITUS® have dedicated themselves to producing the purest, cleanest and greenest superfoods when they saw a gap in the market for wholefood nutrition that was 100% pure and transparent in their origins. Sourced ethically, with the welfare of animals and the planet in mind, VITUS® guarantees products that are vegan-verified, cruelty-free (and guilt-free!) and free from synthetic ingredients or anything artificial (yes, no preservatives!)

VITUS® seal in pure goodness and seal out oxygen in 100% recyclable or compostable packaging, ensuring that the superfoods you consume is as fresh as the day it was packed.