7 Things that make your hand eczema / eczema worse

December 8, 2017

  1. Waterless, antibacterial cleansers

    These often contain ingredients like rubbing alcohol and solvents that are harsh on your hands, upsetting your skin especially during flare-ups. Go for mild, fragrance-free and soap-free cleansers instead, and always blot dry and slather on your moisturizer generously immediately after washing.
  2. Rubber/latex gloves


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    Shark Squalene Products: What’s Bad About It?

    August 23, 2017

    The shoguns called it “Tokubetsu no Miyage”, which means precious gift. The coastal residents and fishermen in Micronesia referred to it as the “miraculous oil”. In ancient times, deep-sea sharks’ liver oil has been hailed as a source of power, force, energy, vitality and a “cure-all”. Sharks’ liver oils have been harnessed to cure a wide range of conditions e...

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    Should we trust the probiotics we take?

    February 12, 2017


    Labels are supposed to be windows to a product and more so, the pride of workmanship. They are supposed to be promises and assurance to consumers but in the recent years, it is discovered to be hardly so.

    The world of supplements is indeed a murky one, especially when it comes to lab...

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    Ethical Quality Involves Sustainability

    December 28, 2016

    Sustainability = Sustain + Ability

    It is imperative to save our oceans and strive for quality that is achieved ethically. At WHC – Nutrogenics, we not only care about quality but also sustainability. WHC - Nutrogenics takes eco-friendliness seriously. From sourcing sustainable species of fish, to the ink used on ou...

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    Arsenic in food: Should you be concerned?

    November 30, 2016

    Arsenic, a chemical element with the symbol As, atomic number 33 and a metalloid, is usually a name synonymous with poison or malicious intent. Discovered approximately in the 1250s, this tasteless, inert element that is readily water-soluble was probably why it was the preferred poison for the Italian family of Borgi...

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