Formed from “Cura”  which is latin for care and “Evexia”  which is greek for well-being.

Consumers not only deserve products of the highest quality, they also deserve to have the most honest and accurate information to enable them to make the best decision for their health. We stand behind our products because we have done extensive research and we know that these are the very best and highest quality products that are available in the market.

“Without caring, there can be no quality.”
– Joel Barker

“We believe this to be the first step in bringing quality products to our customers. As a healthcare professional for almost 11 years, fulfilled with experiences in the retail, private and public sectors. Combining patient care and product knowledge has become a habit of the way I view quality. Quality is a result of the attitude towards others and oneself. Quality has to start with the intention of care.”

Jacqueline Wee,
founder of Curaxia